Understanding “Real Estate News”

Understanding “Real Estate News”

In the era of “Fake News”, it is often very hard for an average home owner or a potential buyer to sort out enormous amount of information in the news, whether it is on TV, print media, online or social media or any kind of combination.

We all have seen the headline: “Number of sales went down X% in ABC city compared to the previous year.” Or “It is a Buyer’s market in XYZ community, take your time for finding your next home”.

While it is safe to assume 90% of such news headlines have the best of intentions for the consumers engaging its medium and they are not necessarily fake news, a huge amount of them miss the mark and do more damage to the consumers’ decision making process than good and result in potential losses.

Why? Because, every real estate market is different. And every local market has its differences within itself (submarkets). Miami market is very different than Houston market. In Miami, Coconut Grove Real Estate market is very different than Miami Springs market. In Coconut Grove, South Grove market is different than West Grove. Or condo market is different than single family home market or town home market

As a result, when a potential buyer or seller bases his or her move on a headline, she/he faces the risk of making the wrong decision. It always pays to hire a real estate expert who will be on your side every step of the way and share his years of experience and local real estate knowledge.

I have been selling real estate for two decades in Coconut Grove and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about buying or selling real estate in Coconut Grove and surrounding areas, please call Berk Boge at 305.972.7013 or send me an e-mail at BerkBoge@aol.com


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